Monday, January 25, 2010

Dome Security Cameras

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Security Dome Cameras are used for locations where you may not want people to see what direction the camera is pointing. A smoked or tinted dome can deter theft in many locations even though the camera is not pointed towards the person. All though They do not know where the camera is looking they ususally would move on rather than find out. Most criminals know that there may not even be a camera in the dome or that it only can see in one direction but it still works. Criminals like easy jobs so they will go where they know there are no cameras.

Another type of dome camera is a vandal proof dome camera this type of camera has a very smooth surface and special tools (usually included with the camera) to mount and adjust the camera. This makes it hard for someone to move the camera to keep them hidden from view. So you have a good chance of getting a picture of a vandal even if they manage to destroy the camera.

There are also night vision dome cameras that will see in total darkness and can be vandal proof as well as used indoor and outdoor.

Some dome camera are varifocal, this means the the lens in internally adjusted. This high resolution dome camera has a built in 2.8mm to 10 mm lens making it very adaptable to many situations that you may need a camera for. The lens size determines the focal range (view)of the camera. In example a 2.8 mm lens is a very wide picture approximately 25 feet wide @ 10 feet away the edges do become blurry at that lens size (also called a fish eye lens) and at the other end of the lens 10 mm picture is only about 4.5 feet wide at ten feet away. The subject of the picture is much more magnified at 10 mm than at 2.8. You can use a vari focal to set the view the way you want it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Video Pen Camera

Video Camera built into a pen. This pen spy camera records live video and audio right inside! Its unique design allows you to take it anywhere. The built in high quality 1280 x 960 video camera resolution produces a beautiful picture and the audio is crisp and clear. Set it up and leave it to take advantage of the audio detection mode. This spy pen camera will turn on when it hears sound to save battery life. To play back on your PC by simply connect to a USB port and play your videos and view your pictures.

Our Video Pen camera has a massive 8 GB storage built in and will hold approx 6 hours of video. The internal battery lasts about 1 hour after being fully charge via a USB port (approx 45 mins. to charge) So charge it up and head to your meeting or next surveillance case where you need quality video of the boss or the claimant doing what they shouldn't. Remember you need to respect other peoples privacy and that it may not be legal to record in all areas.

The unique design and slim pen size offers Multi-functions with great features that will allow you to use it anywhere and anytime. We offer the slimmest pen camcorder with high-definition digital video recording and it offers outstanding high-definition digital video camera recording and USB data transfer and charging.

This Video camera pen functions as a 2 Mega Pixel Still shot camera as well. Great for those quick pictures when you don't have you regular camera. Also built into our spy pen camera is a web cam simply connect to your USB via the included cable and load the included software. You can start doing video conferencing right away use it for your IM or just to record video for your own use. Its also a functioning ink pen with an included refill.