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Complete video security systems

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We sell SVAT video security systems.
There’s nothing more important than the safety and security of your business and property. It’s comforting to know that day and night, at home or away, that the things you own are safe and the people you care about are protected. Feel this sense of comfort and security with SVAT’s Complete video security systems. See your business or home from multiple angles or monitor several different areas all at once. These versatile systems are the perfect security solution for convenience stores, large properties and warehouses. You can do it all with these systems – record for over 2 years, display footage on a TV a monitor and access the system online so you can view your property at any time, from any Internet enabled PC in the world! The included cameras are equipped with automatically activating night vision that allows you to see your property and belongings, even in total darkness! Let the Complete video security systems give you the peace of mind that comes with the convenience of viewing your property day or night from any location!

Fast and Easy SetupThe systems are extremely user-friendly and you can have them up and running in a matter of minutes because everything is truly plug and play. Auto-start recording ensures that the Complete video security systems will automatically begin recording as soon as you plug in to a power outlet.

View Online with No Service Fees
Do you think about the safety of your business or home while you are away? The online monitoring capabilities of our systems will help put your mind at ease. You can keep an eye on your business when you’re away or monitor your summer home during off seasons with the Complete video security systems. Just connect the DVR to your Internet connected router and set it up with the included software. To view your DVR, just sign in with your user name and password, and you will have full access and control. You can view your live cameras, watch recorded video footage, and more, all through your web browser. (Requires a router, Windows operating system, Internet Explorer browser, and broadband Internet connection for online viewing)

Superior Storage for a Superior System
SVAT uses the highest quality components available to create our products. This is why we’ve chosen to use the only hard drive ever designed specifically for DVR security systems by Seagate, the world’s largest manufacturer of digital storage solutions. The Seagate® SV35 Series™ hard drive is optimized for 24x7 surveillance digital video recording; providing the reliability, performance, and capacity required to protect people, property and processes. In order to achieve the “Storage by Seagate” mark, our DVRs are subject to rigorous testing at Seagate’s testing facilities in Longmont, Colorado.

Professional Grade Hi-Res Night Vision CamerasThe hi-res indoor/outdoor color cameras provide you with clear, crisp, and enhanced video at 420 TV lines of resolution. They allow you to better distinguish facial features, which can help in the positive identification of individuals. Knowing what is going on outside of your business or home is important to you. Place the cameras in your store or outside your home to increase your security perimeter. Each camera is built with professional grade aluminum housing and a sunshade to help prevent glare and is built from durable aluminum and designed to function in both indoor and outdoor situations without deterioration or rusting.

Continuous Security – Day and Night!
You don’t have to worry about what you’ve been missing at night once after you’ve closed your business for the evening. The cameras come equipped with night vision, allowing you to see the area you’re monitoring (up to 15 feet away) in total darkness. 12 infrared LEDs activate automatically on the camera when it becomes dark and deactivate during the day to save energy. With the Complete video security systems you will always be able to see what is happening in your business or home at any time of day.

Catch all the Action with Instant Motion Activated Recording
Advanced motion activated recording settings let you choose to only capture important video footage and record only when necessary. It’s easy to find important video footage during video playback and will also save you time and conserve hard drive space. A motion activated alarm option will sound a loud alarm whenever motion is detected to alert you whenever someone is on your property. Enhanced motion detection settings ensure that false alarms are not triggered - an easy motion detection mask allows you to block out areas with constant movement, such as roads or trees blowing in the wind so recording is not triggered.

24 Hour Custom Recording to Meet Your Needs
Record the cameras with up to 30 total FPS (frames per second). This system allows you to set up your preferred scheduled recording time throughout a 24 hour day. You can choose which hours of the day you want to continuously record, motion record, or not record at all. This gives you the ability to continuously record when your employees are in the store and then record only when motion is detected after you close your business at night.

Protect What Is Important To You
The convenience of the Complete video security systems is that you can use the cameras to see certain areas of your property from multiple angles. Have the advantage of monitoring all the important locations in your business, such as: entrances and exits, cash registers, stock rooms, aisle ways, windows, safes and deposit boxes, offices, and many other areas. If you are using the Complete video security systems to monitor your home or large property, you can feel protected by being able to clearly see your front door, side door, back door, garage, driveway, swimming pool, tool shed, windows, and barn - all with the same system!

Worry-Free Recording OptionsThese Complete video security systems gives you the option to overwrite your old video footage once the hard drive has become full. Overwrite mode will automatically delete the oldest video footage and replace it with new video footage. This feature ensures that your DVR records consistently even when the hard drive has become full. You can also set the DVR to Full Stop, which will halt all recording once the hard drive has become full and will not overwrite any previously recorded video footage. The video loss alarm feature will alert you immediately if your camera becomes disconnected or loses power. It will also update the event log so you can pinpoint the exact time and date that the camera stopped functioning. After a power outage, the DVR will continue recording automatically based on your recording schedule.

Customize Your Camera DisplayThe Complete video security systems displays all cameras in a grid, in quad screen mode, or individual cameras in full screen. You can even assign each camera an individual name so you always know where the events are taking place.

Date & Time Stamp Validates Your Video Footage
The Complete video security systems captures the date and time of recorded video footage in all recording modes so that it is always clear when your recorded video footage took place.

Find Your Video Footage Easily with Time, Date, and Event Search
The search feature makes it easy to find video footage quickly and efficiently. Searching by time and date allows you to find and play back the desired day, hour, and minute of captured video. Searching by event allows you to find any instance of motion detection.

Secure Your Surveillance Video with Password ProtectionEnsure that only authorized users can change settings on the local DVR, access the DVR through the web, stop recording, or start playback. These security features can be turned on and off, depending on how secure you want your system to be.
Hear What Your Camera Hears with Audio Support
See and hear what you’ve been missing with the Complete video security systems as the system includes audio support to help you effectively watch over your family and belongings with more than just video (audio is through one channel only. the Included cameras do not support audio).

Endless Location Options with 60 Feet of Wiring Per Camera
The included 60 foot camera wiring gives you flexibility in the installation of your cameras and allows you to increase the range of your cameras. You will have more choices in the placement of your cameras with a longer wire, allowing you to find the most effective mounting location. If you need additional cable length, you can purchase the CVW62 to add an additional 60 feet to your security perimeter (maximum 180ft per camera recommended). The single wire also conveniently carries both the power and video signals, so you are only running one wire per camera instead of multiple. . (Maximum 180ft cable length per camera is recommended)

We'll Get You Online With Our 24/7 Lifetime Customer Support
SVAT’s 24 hour, 7 day a week hotline ensures you will always have the help you need when setting up your security system. Setting up your Internet connection is easy, but if you do require help, SVAT support reps have the ability to configure your DVR and computer settings via a remote desktop program. With your permission, our support reps can access and take control of your computer during the setup process to troubleshoot and help guide you through the remainder of the setup. For product inquires or support, just call us at any time, even if your product is out of warranty. One of SVAT’s helpful customer support representatives will help you with any questions you may have at any time. Live chat and email support is also available.

RoHS Compliant
This system is compliant with RoHS standards. RoHS stands for Reduction of Hazardous Substances, and is a European initiative that was developed to reduce the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS compliant means that SVAT has taken the initiative to reduce the use of hazardous materials in the production of this security system.


marchmadman said...

does the system work with Windows Vista?

Spy And Security Sites said...

Yes all SVAT systems work with Vista and include 24/7 support.

YJ said...

How does the SWAT benefit?


rnmom34 said...

Are these cameras wireless to the home? I want to watch my puppies in a separate building and my Internet / computer is in the main house. Will I need to run/bury ethernet cable?